Introduction to our classes

Our beautiful village duck pond inspired our class names, and the children chose a different duck name for each class. We have 3 small mixed aged classes and a nursery class. Teaching is strongly focussed on the needs of the individual and all of our classes are below 30:

  • Ducklings Nursery - Nursery and Reception children
  • Harlequin Class - Year 1 and 2 pupils
  • King Eider Class - Year 3 and 4 children
  • Mandarin Class - Year 5 and 6 children

Our blended classes and whole school approach has many benefits. For our youngest pupils it means a much easier transition and greater continuity as they progress through the Early Years Foundation Stage and into Key Stage 1, from Nursery through to Year 1. There is more time to focus on building confidence and skills, and less time adjusting to new teachers, new classrooms and different teaching styles.

Mixed age groups give us the opportunity to focus on skills and ability, rather than simply group pupils by year. In any given year group there may be a 12 month age difference between pupils in the same year. It is one of the great ironies of the traditional school system that children in one year group may actually have skill levels more akin to those in the preceding or subsequent year. At Newton Regis our blended classes mean that the most able learners are motivated and challenged by playing and learning alongside older children, and children who need a little extra help and support have the reassurance and support that comes from studying alongside learners who are at an equivalent level.