The Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS)

The Early Years Foundation Stage covers seven key areas of learning and development. These are split into two areas, the Prime Areas and Specific Areas.

The Prime Areas are:
1. Personal, Social and Emotional Development
2. Physical Development
3. Communication and Language

The Specific Areas are:
1. Literacy
2. Mathematics
3. Understanding the World
4. Expressive Arts and Design

We cover the 7 key development areas through a wide variety of structured and child initiated activities, encouraging our children to be active learners. Teaching and play are carefully planned to lead and support your child as they develop their skills in these areas, and your child’s progress is documented in detail in a special journal called The Learning Journey, incorporating photographs, observations, and original work produced by your little one. You are warmly encouraged to contribute your own photographs, notes and pictures to the Learning Journal to let us know of special activities and achievements which your child has experienced outside the classroom. At the end of the EYFS this lovely record of your child's first years at school will be yours to keep.

The EYFS profile
The EYFS profile is included in The Learning Journey and describes your child’s achievements in the 7 key areas of development, broken down into 17 early learning goals. The EYFS profile is completed in the final term of the year in which they turn 5, as children prepared to move on into Year 1 and begin the Key Stage 1 curriculum.