Welcome to the Friends, Parents and Teachers Association

A warm welcome to Newton Regis FPTA. Our FPTA is made up of our Chair, Secretary and Treasurer, and mums, dads, grandparents and teachers who generously donate a little time to help with one or more of our events. FPTA funding is particularly important for small rural schools like ours. Government funding for small schools has fallen due to changes in the way that funds are allocated, but targets continue to increase, leaving schools like Newton Regis having to do more with less.

Over the course of the year we try to help out by raising money through a wide variety of events, from simple collections of old clothes which we can sell for recycling, to school discos, and fairs and fetes with games, stalls and activities for all the family. Whether you contribute donations, make the effort to attend our events and spend a few pounds, or help with organisation or refreshments, all support for our fundraising is very much appreciated, and will make a real difference to your child’s learning experience at school.

Last year we raised £3098.50 in total through the hard work of our volunteers and participation of children and parents, as a result of which the school was able to invest in much needed reading books, school computers, library supplies, digital camera's for recording school activities, swimming coaching, and Wow activity days for the children. The children benefit from this extra funding, but they also enjoy the opportunity to socialise with their friends and participate in the wider life of the school.

We meet at intervals to pool ideas, plan events and allocate funds, but you don’t need to attend meetings to get involved, and lots of our planning and discussion takes place in the playground, or on Facebook. We’re a friendly group and it’s a great way to get to know other parents. If you have any ideas or suggestions, think you might be able to help sometimes or would like to join our Facebook discussion group, just let Kate Goodwin know, or give your details to Mrs Pick so she can pass them on. We also have a Facebook page where you can see news and events, and message us directly.